Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry By Natalie Lambert


"The Rarest in Beauty and Elegance" Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

"The Rarest in Beauty and Elegance" Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

"The Rarest in Beauty and Elegance" Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry"The Rarest in Beauty and Elegance" Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

"The Rarest in Beauty and Elegance - Watermelon Tourmaline "



A one-of-a-kind, unique piece of jewelry is one of the most common heirloom choices for a reason; jewelry is both beautiful and rare. Even the most high-end  jewelry can be worn day after day for many years, by many generations, without affecting the durability.  Well-made jewelry is designed exactly for this purpose. 

Natalie Lambert designs each of her pieces with quality in mind, using only the finest and rarest Watermelon Tourmaline. Natalie Lambert hand selects each Watermelon Tourmaline stone to ensure the highest quality. This is also how she finds inspiration. 

Watermelon Tourmaline cannot be mass produced and no two stones are exactly identical, which adds to the rarity of each unique design. 

Each Natalie Lambert design is crafted by hand and set in either 14k or 18k Rose, White or Yellow gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver. This adds to the quality and value of each piece and can be passed down for generations to come. 

Natalie Lambert is the premier designer specializing in the finest and rarest Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry. 

Each Natalie Lambert design tells a story through it's unique array of colors, including vibrant hues of Pink and Green. Natalie's Patented, Three-Dimensional setting showcases the magical beauty of each elegant piece.

Natalie connects with her clients through the unique beauty of her designs. 




"Natalie Lambert designs beautiful pieces of art, which will be family heirlooms for many years to come."  

- Michael and Sheri Castello

"I knew it was destined to be mine! Thank you again for creating such a breathtaking piece!

-  K.B. 

"I absolutely love my design! I feel great each time I wear it and get so many compliments from people.

Thank you for creating such an amazing piece of art!"

- Anne M. 

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